ITO Laser Dry Etching Machine

This equipment with laser to etch ITO (transparent conductive film) on the glass or PET substrates, and widely used in touch phones, touch panels, e-books and other products, such as a laser dry etching process.

Product Details

Decrease mass cost

Traditional wet process need to add a large number of chemicals and wastewater treatment equipment, and laser dry process you do not need more than cost, so greatly reduce the cost of compliance with environmental protection.

Decrease labor cost

One operator can easily handle over 2 sets of machine.

Small footprint of equipment

Save machine footprint, need only four meters square.

Easy to import test samples and production

Patterning by the laser dry-etching machine is very convenient and fast, when it is introduced into test sample, the process time would be shorten, and easily diversify production as well.




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