Optical Components Window film, DPSS laser module, filter, lens, prism, beam splitter, laser crystal, etc.
Crystal Products Nonlinear crystals, laser crystals and birefringent crystals
HeNe Laser

1m W,534nm Green HeNe Laser System

5m W,633nm Green HeNe Laser System

10m W,633nm Green HeNe Laser System

20m W,633nm Green HeNe Laser System

35m W,633nm Green HeNe Laser System


15W Q-switch Air cooled

15W Q-switch+driver Air cooled

25W Q-switch+driver Air cooled

50W Q-switch+driverWater cooled

100W Q-switch+driver Water cooled

Pockels cell driver EO(Electro-optics)

Pockels cell EO(Electro-optics)

Passive Q-switching Passive Q-switching

Flexible Fiber
Illumination, transmission etc.
Galvanometer Digital galvanometer,analog galvanometer
Laser Goggles Goggles, plastic protective film
Pointer of Green laser Calibration, labeling





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