Laser-Dotting Machine For 46 Inches

The light-guide plate etching machine is developed by Hortekcrystal Co., which is a leading technology of laser dry etching system for backlight modules. With its unique design and excellent processing quality, it is now fully replace the traditional wet etching process, and establish a new industry standard processing.

Product Details

Fast speed in mass production

Processing up to 500 dots per second or more, can improve the speed of revision and send samples.

Decrease mass cost

Save the traditional process instability derived additional costs, and laser processing methods without costly consumables, low power consumption, easy maintenance, also no chemical waste disposal problems.

Diverse processing methods

In addition to the traditional method of dot etching, it can also take advantage of special crater to make a similar phenomenon sandblasting effect, or adjust parameters to change the dot micro-structures for meet the specific needs of the optical design.

High precision machining

Each dot depth of the error is within 0.001mm, can improve the production yield and errors from the optical design and the traditional etching.




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