Ceramic Substrate Processing Machine

The machine contains a laser light source, control software, visual aids and special fixture. It is mainly used in HCS (high conductive substrate) cutting, which is mainly composed of alumina (Al2O3) and aluminum nitride (AlN).

Product Details

High efficiency, good stability

Driven by linear motor, equipped with excellent laser light source, improve efficiency and productivity, precision and stability can also satisfy the customers.

Large processing range, special dust collecting system

Effective cutting range is up to 600mm×600 mm with special dust collecting system and customized design for manufacturing.

Small thermal effect, smooth appearance

Significantly reduce the impact of thermal effects of the materials, and increase the quality of the appearance on the workpiece.

Powerful system for any graphics

Self-developed operating system interface, closer to customer needs, and be suitable for the requirements of any graphical changes on the workpiece.




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