Auto load & unload system

Used in automatic mass production in Flat Panel Display industrial.

Especially for generation 3 to 4.5 in HR tools automatic cassette in /cassette out.


世代別 尺寸 厚度 卡匣容量
3 550*650mm 0.5~1.1mm 25/20/10 pcs for batch type
3.5 610*720mm 0.5~1.1mm
4 680*880mm 0.5~1.1mm
4.5 730*920mm 0.5~1.1mm

Application in purpose:

Middle dimension glass application in fpd fields. For example: ITO laser etching and 2D Barcode.

Mechanism parameter:

  1. Upper axis
    Biaxial with moving in linear motor
    Displacement = Max:1000 mm /s
    Total travel distance = 1000 mm
    Lower axis
    Linear motor
    Displacement = Max:1000 mm /s
    Total travel distance = 850 mm
  2. Coaxial CCD position system module.
  3. Materials:
    Air-floating mechanism or roller are optional.




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